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SwimHXBY swimwear

Models and outfits shown at the title image:

  1. left: @demodori_mm in 203BZ NPU glossy black.
  2. middle: @biru_otsuka in 280HF navy (textile).
  3. right: @tomooaty in 203FZ NPU glossy black.
swimhxby swimwear at

For some time now, I have included the swimming costumes of the up-and-coming brand SWIMHXBY in my range.
Unfortunately, I didn´t find the time yet to write a few words about this great manufacturer – which I am now catching up with.

SwimHXBY produces in China and is distributed via Japan, which is how I got in touch with them this summer.
So far, it is the first supplier whose suits are available in almost all sizes – so for the first time I can also offer sizes beyond the German size 42: SwimHXBY produces most suits up to size 54 (UK26, XXL).

SwimHXBY sizechart

The suits are available in 3 different “rubberised” versions:

  • glossy black,
  • matt black and
  • matt white.

In the textile version, almost no colour wishes remain unfulfilled, because pretty much everything in standard colours is available:

  • blue
  • emerald (light turquoise)
  • light blue
  • navy
  • orange
  • pink
  • red
  • black
  • purple
  • white

There are totally 6 different versions: The X-Back (float back) version is even available in 3 different cuts and 6 designs:

  • 280 : slightly lower leg cut with covered bottom. So far only available in the 3 rubberised colours.
  • 280HF / 280HF PU : high leg cut with covered bottom. The PU version is available in the 3 rubberized colours.
  • 280TS / 280TS PU : thong/string with very high leg cut. The PU version is currently only available in black. The textile version is available in 7 colours so far, but this is constantly being expanded by the manufacturer.
  • 282HF : multicoloured textile swimming costume with high leg cut and covered bottom. So far available in 5 colour versions.

The Waterpolo version (High Neck) is currently available in two versions, but only in the “rubberized” finish:

  • 203BZ : High Neck with back zipper. Normal leg cut with covered bottom.
  • 203FZ : High Neck with front zipper. Normal leg cut with covered bottom.

Below you can see a small excerpt of my photo shoots so far.

  1. Sofia wears the 280HF suit in the rubberised “black glossy” version.
  2. Jessica wears the 203BZ suit in the rubberised “matt white” finish.
  3. Vanessa wears the suit 280HF in the rubberized “black shiny” version, the suit 280HF in the light blue textile version and the string swimming costume 280TS in textile navy.

My personal feedback

SwimHXBY is a great addition to the Cultulu product range. This is not only because SwimHXBY offers high-quality “rubberized” swimwear for the smaller purse, but also in many larger sizes – up to DE 54.
The slightly wider cut in the crotch area (except for the string version) also allows men to wear these suits without any problems.

Sure, the materials don’t reach the high art of the current Realise suits – SwimHXBY doesn’t want them to – but the “rubberized” materials are roughly comparable to the first series of Realise, Mizuno and Co.

SwimHXBY is produced in China and is currently distributed and promoted via Liasonservice in Japan.

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