Biro Otsuka wears POOLSIDER´s new swimsuit PSOP21002
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Poolsider [PS-OP-21-002] keyhole swimsuit

For quite some time now there have been the rumors about a completely new swimsuit style by POOLSIDER.
Now the release date (in Japan 18.12.2021), product details and photos are finally published :

This new style is named PS-OP-21-002, is made of a material-mix of transparent mesh and opaque SSW (or stretchy swimwear fabric, depends on color) and will be available in 4 color options up to Japanese size 6 (EU:M, DE:42, UK:14).
Yes, Poolsider has choosen to introduce a new size range for its new collection:

1 = S

2 = M
3 = L
4 = 2L
5 = 3L
6 = 4L

Referring to the manufacturer, they decided to take this step in order to devitalize the psychological significance of classic sizes. Realise & Poolsider sizes are very small even for Japanese circumstances. Therefore in future not only Japanese women will be very happy to have a size label inside the swimsuit with a neutral number, instead of a horrifying big size (which in most cases was 3 numbers higher than the size of usual garments, especially for European women).
It is not sure if these new sizes will be used for all future garments from Poolsider and Realise, but it is for sure possible. This will keep us curious 🙂

The photo model is beautiful Biru Otsuka – she is the current brand idol of Realise and Poolsider.
Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Color option in darkgrey made of SSW

The release of this swimsuit will be very great NEWs for all fans of REALISE´s SSW Material. Because the suit in the color option “darkgrey-black” will be made of the popular “Super-Shiny-Wet” fabric.
For the other 3 colors, we finally have received the information from Realise so far that the new fabric has very good stretch characteristics and has a very light gloss (see photos). The fabric composition (of colors: orange, cobalt blue and fawn) is 77% polyester and 23% polyurethane and is auspicious for good elasticity. These characteristics are certainly increased by the used mesh material as contrast patches – which also confirms Realise´s Brand-Idol Biru Otsuka with her first product feedback:

“I think size 3 is my regular size within this swimsuit (usually I wear Realise size L). I wore size 2 because I preferred the fit of the legcut and buttocks within this size. The elasticity of the fabric is very high, so some people may like it smaller than usual.

The shipping-date is already announce for 20.12.2021, which means I might receive these new Poolsider suits till end of this year – sure, only when the import is running smoothly.

Following you can see first product photos with the available color options. Cobalt blue, dark grey, fawn (skin tone) and orange.

official Realise brand idol : Biru Otsuka

[PS-OP-21-002] : cut and design

The cut of this onepiece is really something special.
Realise (ie Poolsider) puts a lot of value on continuity of cuts to give main focus on the materials – so this new style is an absolute innovation on the market.

On the following sketchy representation you can already get a good first impression.
It is noticeable that the cut is roughly based pm the silhouette of the N-XX1 (N-011, N-111, N-2001, etc) swimsuit. By using the material mix of transparent and opaque patches, as well as the small Keyhole neckline, Poolsider creates a completely new swimsuit that has a certain playfulness and sexyness.

The great materials and color combinations complete this suit perfectly.

Poolsider swimsuit style PS-OP-20-001

Color options :

  • orange opaque / black transparent
  • cobald opaque / white transparent
  • dark grey opaque / black transparent
  • fawn (skin tone) opaque / black transparent

However, a pre-order of this suits can already be made on the pages of The delivery will take place as soon as the suits have arrived at my company – probably still towards the end of this year 2021).

From January 2022 these awesome new swimsuits will be part of our regular product range.

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