Mercedes wears REALISE N-996-Camo swimsuit
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REALISE shiny 3D camouflage swimwear

REALISE´s "Shiny Rubber" creations in rubberized 3D camouflage

The delivery of the first pieces of this new series arrived only a few weeks ago. It is a small pre-release of two suits (N-996-CAMO and N-997-CAMO), which has been delivered only in two sizes (4l and 5l) but already in acceptable quantities.

In Japan, these suits are officially not available yet, so it is a great honor to be able to examine these two leotards in advance and to make first photos.

Vanessa wears REALISE N-996-Camo swimsuit

First impressions

When I took the first suit out from its fabric cover, I was absolutely stunned: the material is really as great as the first manufacturer photos suggested!
The 3D effect of the camouflage pattern is a real highlight and probably an absolute eye-catcher – even it is not like “in-your-face” as other rubberized series from Realise! But in my opinion screaming opticts wouldn´t fit exactly this style: camouflage color wants not and should not be like “in-your-face” 🙂

The material feels very smooth and cool – and absolutely not sticky. In addition, it is extremely light and thin – almost comparable to the first 00x “Shiny Rubber” series. The stretch level is very good, from my personal feeling, and is just a little bit above the current Rubberized Series N-99XHL and N-99X-2021.

Helena wears REALISE N-996-Camo swimsuit

Photo shootings

So far we have been able to organize some photo shootings with the new 3D camouflage suits – fortunately with models that had enough curves for the Realise size 4l.

Model 1 : Mercedes Enora (Instagram @MercedesEnora)
Model 2 : Helena (Instagram @Helenas_Luminance)
Model 3 : Vanessa (Instagram @vaneschkal_)
Photo by : Sandmann.Photos (Instagram @Sandmann.Photos)
Realise brand model : Biru Otsuka (

Addition 27.11.2021

A large number of these suits have already been sold and now only a few are left. If you are looking for something as a Christmas gift, you should strike soon 😉

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