SwimHXBY swimwear from Japan

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    SwimHXBY swimwear

    Models and outfits shown at the title image: left: @demodori_mm in 203BZ NPU glossy black. middle: @biru_otsuka in 280HF navy (textile). right: @tomooaty in 203FZ NPU glossy black. For some time now, I have included the swimming costumes of the up-and-coming brand SWIMHXBY in my range.Unfortunately, I didn´t find the time yet to write a few words about this great manufacturer – which I am now catching up with. SwimHXBY produces in China and is distributed via Japan, which is how I got in touch with them this summer.So far, it is the first supplier whose suits are available in almost all sizes – so for the first time I…

  • Shooting with Cultulu model Sofia
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    Cultulu Shooting with Sofia

    In mid-March 2022 I had the great pleasure to organizing a photo shoot with wonderful Sofia. The shooting took place at a dayligh-studio-set in Nuernberg area. You will see following outfits on the photos : Realise rubberized swimsuit [N-909] gunmetal, size L (product update : [N-999-2021]) Poolsider keyhole swimsuit [PS-OP-21-002] in dark-grey, size 3 Pharfaite wetlook thong swimsuit [PF-646], size L, wine, black Pharfaite wetlook swimsuit [PF-635], size L, white SwimHXBY style 280 swimsuit in matte black, size XL Sofia’s measurements are settled at the lower limit of the size specifications of the respective manufacturers. Model : Sofia, Instagram.com/Korenko_SofiaPhoto : Sandmann.Photos, Instagram.com/Sandmann.Photos