Helena wears Realise N999 2021 pink
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REALISE “High Gloss” rubberized swimsuits [N-99X 2021]

There was a new “RUBBERIZED” series released by REALISE in August 2021 : Style N-99X-2021. The swimsuit of this series will be available in the 4 common styles :

  • N-996-2021 : Waterpolo swimsuit with frontzipper
  • N-997-2021 : Waterpolo swimsuit with back zipper
  • N-998-2021 : Classic swimsuit with X-back (open back)
  • N-999-2021 : Swimsuit with reflector pipes (like pictured above in color grade “dolly pink”)

All styles are available up to Realise size 5L (DE 40/42, UK 12/14, US SM) and in 3 color grades :

  • dolly pink (light pink, rose)
  • gunmetal (metallic color like the 900s series)
  • navy (dark blue, indigo blue)

These wonderful suits come with the current Realise Designer logo either on the chest (N-997, N-998, N-999) or on the front right leg cut (N-996).

Shiron wears Realise rubberized swimsuit N996 in gunmetal
Realise waterpolo swimsuit [N-996-2021] with front-zipper in gunmetal
Biru wears REALISE rubberized swimsuit N997 in pink
Realise waterpolo swimsuit [N-997-2021] in pink
Biru wears REALISE rubberized swimsuit N998 in gunmetal
Realise swimsuit [N-998-2021] with sportsback (X-back) in gunmetal
Biru wears Realise rubberized reflector swimsuit N999-2021 in gunmetal
Realise swimsuit [N-999-2021] with reflector-pipes in gunmetal

The new rubberized swimsuits are now part of the current product range of Cultulu.com – but some sizes and colors are already sold out atm. Don´t worry, there will be a restock in spring 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter at Cultulu.com to get informed about the restock arrival in time.

Date: 02.01.2022

Material Information :

Manufacturer´s product infos

The surface has a great shine and nice mirror effect, but the material is soft and comfortable to wear.

Material composition of the new N-99X-2021 series:

  • Surface : 100% polyurethane
  • Inner linings : 82% polyester, 18% polyurethane

The stretch level is 3 out of 5 stars : good elasticity

The suits are small. As a rule, we recommend a size smaller than the usual sizes such as the EASY STRETCH suits, especially if you have a slightly larger hip circumference.

Impressions from the Realise Model (Biru Otsuka):

Height : 167cm
Bust : 86cm
Waist : 60cm
Hips : 89cm

“I always wear a Realise size L, also when shooting these swimsuits. I felt the elasticity of the colors slightly differently:
Dolly Pink > Gunmetal > Glossy Navy (more eleastic left to right).“

My personal impression

The new suits have noticeable more stretch level than the former series (N-99X Hairline Rubberized Metallic) and it was a pleasure for our photo models of the current shootings to dress on. Well, Realise had set a high goal with the Hairline Metallic series in 2019/2020 – because to combine such wonderful optics with a swimsuit material, which even has a noticeable stretch factor, that’s a considerable performance. But now we want to talk about the new 2021 rubberized materials, and those are, as I said, extremely well done! With the two grades “Dolly Pink” and “Navy” Realise finally has “normal” rubberized colors back in the product range, which is an awesome alternative to all the (still in stock) “metallic” colors.

Below you can see some zoom in details of the the new colors :

Photo gallery of the Realise "Ambassadors" from Japan:

about both models shown on the photos:

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