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PHARFAITE wetlook “binder” (straps) swimsuit

Pharfaite wetlook swimsuits with binders
PHARFAITE´s popular "binder" swimwear in different styles and colors

PHARFAITE`s “binder” swimsuits

with stylish straps at shoulders and hips

Arguably one of the absolute eye-catchers on social media since summer 2020 – especially in Japan : Pharfaite’s unique wet look swimsuit design with the straps at the shoulders and hips.

On the attached image above, you can see some of the binder styles so far, which very soon became a “must have” outfit for many Japanese idols and cosplayers on social media. These suits just have that certain something that made Pharfaite go viral almost overnight.

Following we have uploaded a small photo gallery showing the wonderful Maika Kobajashi, who was photo model in Pharfaite outfits for several times so far.

Model Maika Kobajashi : Instagram @maika.kob, Twitter @kurosaminyan

Pharfaite has this extraordinary design in the product portfolio since summer 2020 – this suits were consequently already available at the launch of their first swimsuit line.
The first series (which can be seen in Maika’s photo gallery) is no longer in production and sold out for a long time now. However, there has been a product update in the “NEO” cut some time ago:
PF608 as a thong back version and PF624 as a version with covered cheeks.

That´s what Pharfaite says about:
“The NEO design has unique seam lines, developed specifically for the chest and waist.
Although it is a swimsuit design, the new cut ensures that the female curves can be shown off even better. Firstly, the suit now fits better at the waist, making it look slimmer, and the indicated cups ensure that the chest is no longer pressed flat by the fabric.

It is a high neck design with small collar. The back is cut narrow, so that the suit also makes a slim figure at the back.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that PHARFAITE will be launching a new swimsuit series very soon – probably in March 2022. The new suits will be available in several two- and three-colored versions.
Also planned is a new “Binder” swimsuit, which will be two-colored with color-contrasting cuffs at the arm and leg line – the straps will then also be in the contrasting color.

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