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POOLSIDER rubberized metallic twopieces PS-0XHL

At the beginning of 2020, shortly after the release of the Realise Hairline Metallic Series N-99X-HL, the two-piece series of Poolsier was introduced to the Japanese market. This series uses the same metallic fabric for its bikini series and thus ensures even a bigger range of styles.

There are three styles available, which are not really comparable and unique:

  1. suspender twopiece PS-01HL with sports-bra
  2. “retro-surf” bikini PS-02HL wiht frontzipper-top
  3. “sea angel” bikini PS-03HL with sweet ruffle applications

That´s what Realise & Poolsider say about their new swimwear-series:

“This bikini is based on Realise´s new METALLIC hairline series (N-99X-HL) and is a fusion of the flair of the 80s with the absolute new developed and stunning materials.

About the fabric: This material was designed and produced to become as thin as possible, but still with very durable characteristics.
We are proud that we have developed a material that you can not find within any other products.
We focused our attention to balance the color, gloss and metallic glitter – which you can see when you have a close look at the metallic surface.

About the design: The effects of this material is such present and energetic that we just kept the product design a bit more simple.
For example the sports-bra discreetly complements the suit without stealing the show.

Please use this extraordinary swimsuit not only as costume, but also where it feels at home: in the pool and at the beach! “

“It is a completely newly developed, lavished (coated) fabric that is so new and unique that it had to be invented by a long process of Try & Error. This was necessary in order to achieve the elasticity, texture, color and finish required for this swimsuits.
Our commitment was not limited to the unusual, metallic surface, because in contrast to comparable materials, we have achieved considerable elasticity for an awesome look.

Experience the sexyness and coolness of wearing metal. Seems like it has been made of solid metal in the shape of a swimsuit, which combines the look of a machine with the natural curves of the female body.”

Style : Poolsider PS-01HL in silver/black

Photos by : Realise/Poolsider

Model : Umi (Twitter @UmiECup, Instagram @umiecup0314)

Own impression about Poolsider´s metallic 2piece series

Personally, I am very stunned about this bikini series from Poolsider and I think it is a real masterpiece – both from concept and visuals. It is a real enrichment of the current product range and also offers a good combination option with other garments or accessories.

The metallic finish is absolutely except competition and is certainly not only a real eye-catcher at the beach!

The stretch level of the material is certainly not as excellent as other rubberized series from Realise, but unfortunately this could not (according to the manufacturer) be done better within this very special material. In my optinion, the compromise of optics, longevity and elasticity is nevertheless absolutely successful within this fabric – ultimately you just have to set priorities, and that was in this case absolutely the shiny metallic look!
Everyone who checks the sizechart first, will for sure have a great pleasure with these suits!

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