DiTAH fetish swimwear from Japan
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DiTAH fetish swimwear & costumes made in Japan

Shiny transparent swimsuits made by DiTAH!

Today I discovered a new Japanese manufacturer, from which I had lately seen some suits on photos at Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, the current suits have no logo, which made the search for the manufacturer a bit tricky at first. However, I was very impressed by the look of the outfits and thought it was worth a more in-depth research. This morning I finally found the necessary time for doing this research – with success :

DiTAH is the name of this mysterious brand and its based in Tokyo´s area.
Up to now there are 3 styles available in different colors and color-combinations.
That´s not much, but the material the suits are made of are really the big hit – make your own impression in the following gallery:

The shown swimsuit [DIT-0011SGL] with x-back (racer back) is made of the SRS glossy material (Soft Reflection Skin) which – especially in the lighter color grades – has a really nice see-through effect. The photo models are wearing self-adhesive silicone or bra inserts, which conceal all sensitive body parts, but the photos still give a good impression about the fabric´s transparency. As you can also see, the material has a very strong “rubberized” gloss effect, which I personally also find very attractive.

As you can imagine, I unfortunately haven’t held one of these swimsuits in my hands yet – so I can’t speak from personal experience. However, first contact with DiTAH has already been established and a small test delivery could be on its way to me as early as next week. Cross your fingers for me!

DiTAH´s manufacturer´s details

This is our first swimsuit costume using the new material “SOFT REFLECTION SKIN (SRS material)” instead of general swimwear fabrics. Our new material has a distinctive soft sheen and good stretchability. Nevertheless the SRS also has a good shaping effect, which provides a beautiful silhouette.

  • Design and manufacturing : made in Japan.
  • Product features : Fetish costume swimsuit made of transparent shiny material.
  • Due to the properties of the fabric, it adheres strongly to the skin and fits snugly to the body.
  • To improve the fitting and wearing properties, we have chosen a special design and sewing method to maintain the elasticity of the material.

Product details :

    Lamination Inside: polyamid (nylon), polyurethane | surface: polyurethane
  • Manufacturing: Japan
  • Sizes: M, L, LL
  • Colors: blue, red, white
  • Style: 2.5D type1 cut, racer back

Precautions when wearing the product:
This swimsuit was designed and implemented as a fetish costume and therefore has no inner linings in the crotch and chest area.
Compared to ordinary swimwear, it is made of a material that is extremely transparent.
We recommend the use of special swimsuit underwear when wearing in public.

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