Stretch Fibers

Swimwear made of textile stretch fibers and Lycra. Materials: 2Way Easy Stretch, SSW (Super Shiny Wet), Lycra

  • all about swimhxby swimwear at
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    SwimHXBY swimwear

    Models and outfits shown at the title image: left: @demodori_mm in 203BZ NPU glossy black. middle: @biru_otsuka in 280HF navy (textile). right: @tomooaty in 203FZ NPU glossy black. For some time now, I have included the swimming costumes of the up-and-coming brand SWIMHXBY in my range.Unfortunately, I didn´t find the time yet to write a few words about this great manufacturer – which I am now catching up with. SwimHXBY produces in China and is distributed via Japan, which is how I got in touch with them this summer.So far, it is the first supplier whose suits are available in almost all sizes – so for the first time I…

  • Realise jumpsuit FBSS002 charcoal
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    REALISE active jumpsuit [FBSS-002]

    REALISE´s new sleeveless frontzipper-letoard with short legs. After this year short (biker-style) leggings have been added to REALISE product range for the first time, it was actually a logical conclusion to creat also a jumpsuit – that, so to speak, is a combination of the popular front zipper waterpolo style and the new short leggings. The contrast colored decorative seams (within the monochrome versions in charcoal and terracotta) suggest a very high leg cut at the front and a thong style on the back – which has been taken from the cut from the CATSUIT Style FB-2. That´s not only looking very beautiful and sexy, it also provides a perfect…

  • Mizuno N2MA0222 competition swimwear
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    MIZUNO Stream ACE FINA competition swimsuit [N2MA0222]

    The ACE in swimming competetion : THE Mizuno Stream ACE swimsuit with FINA approvement! This great suit is finally quite some time within the product range at – but this competition swimsuit should once again be dedicated a special mention! The [N2MA0222] is made of the highly praised STREAM FIT A material, which has a beautiful lenghtwise stamped surface. This provides a real good water streaming performance for competitions – but alos has a very beautiful look. After all this fabric has a slight matte shine and very good stretch characteristic. Mizuno named the new cut “STREAM ACCELERATION LADIES HIGH CUT“, which is absolutely improved for performance. A slightly…