Realise jumpsuit FBSS002 charcoal
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REALISE active jumpsuit [FBSS-002]

Vanessa wears REALISE jumpsuit FBSS002 in red

REALISE´s new sleeveless frontzipper-letoard with short legs.

After this year short (biker-style) leggings have been added to REALISE product range for the first time, it was actually a logical conclusion to creat also a jumpsuit – that, so to speak, is a combination of the popular front zipper waterpolo style and the new short leggings.

The contrast colored decorative seams (within the monochrome versions in charcoal and terracotta) suggest a very high leg cut at the front and a thong style on the back – which has been taken from the cut from the CATSUIT Style FB-2. That´s not only looking very beautiful and sexy, it also provides a perfect fitting.

The 2-way front zipper completes the new design perfectly, enables numerous wearing options – from kinky to casual – and creates a magical cleavage within the keyhole look.

Realise jumpsuit [FBSS-002] product infos:

Stunning NEWs from REALISE in 2021 : sleevless catsuit shorty | jumpsuit | gym-suit | swimsuit | catsuit;

  • sleeveless, with short legs.
  • 2way-front-zipper for a stunning décolletté. Allows different wearing versions: completely open, keyhole effect (upper zipper completely closed, lower zipper open to below the collar), completely closed, and everything in between.
  • body in waterpolo cut with small collar and closed back.
  • sexy and sporty design with seams that imitates a real high leg cut with thong.
  • This catsuit is unlined – no lamination (or lining) in the chest and crotch area. No hooks for internal swimwear bras attachment.
  • Realise symbol logo print (tone-in-tone), left leg.
  • Designed and manufactured in JAPAN.
  • Available in the following two solid color (uni color) options:
    – red (brick, terracotta, red-brown)
    – charcoal (darkgrey-anthracite)
  • Available in following three 2colored options :
    – pink/carol
    , body : red-pink, legs : orange-red
    – white/light blue,
    body : creme white, offwhite, legs : light blue
    – green/white, body: green-blue, turquoise, legs : creme white, offwhite
  • Currently available in following sizes : 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L

Owm impression and feedback of my photo models:

Besides the great cut and design, the fabric feels very pleasant on the skin – that was my first impression when I took the very first suit out from its packaging.

The fabric is super stretchy and can maybe fit also one size up – especially if you like it tight.

My photo models so far agreed with my opinion and they told me it was a very pleasent wearing and a perfect fit.

This onepieces are for sure the ideal outfit for every sporty activity in or outside the water – and you will make you looking stunning good 🙂

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