Realise N99X rubberized metallic hairline swimsuits
Realise,  Rubberized

REALISE rubberized metallic swimsuits N99X-HL

Overview REALISE N-99XHL series

Realise N99X rubberized metallic hairline swimsuits

Rubberized „hairline metallic“ Japan ENAMEL

For a long time it was a bit quiet about REALISE´s famous “Shiny Rubber” swimsuit series, because since the 700s series release in 2016, with the two colors “Glossy Navy” and “Matt Black,” there were no real shiny news from Japan. In 2019, there was a small re-release of the 900s gunmetal series with the 10th anniversery edition of the two suits N-908 and N-909 – already with the new futuristic and stylish logo – but actually it was almost 4 years we have been kept in suspense.

But this had a substantial reason. Because Realise worked hard on a complete NEW series, which needed a little more time and know-how. But now these series outshine everything else comparable!

That´s what REALISE says about this metallic creation

“It is a completely newly developed, lavalized (coated) fabric that is so new and unique that it first had to be invented through a long process of try & error. This was necessary in order to achieve the elasticity, texture, color and finish required for this swimsuits.
Our commitment was not limited to the unusual metallic surface, because in contrast to comparable materials, we have really achieved considerable elasticity to create an awesome look.

Experience the sexyness and coolness of wearing metal. Looks like metal was cast in the shape of a swimsuit, which combines the look of a machine with the natural curves of the female body.”

Available styles and product infos

N-99X-HL rubberized swimwear is one of the current “Shiny Rubber” | “Japan Rubber” series from 2019/2020. It is an unique and exceptional masterpiece of REALISE´s material engineering: metallic hairline rubber processing! Available in three metallic colors and with the new stylish & futuristic brand logo.

Realise N99X rubberized metallic hairline logo

This swimsuit is completely lined with textile inside and is opaque in all colors (even when wet). As unusual and extraordinary as the surface of these suits is, in this series even the lamination on the inside looks impressive – in gorgeous neon colors.

  • champagner gold : light gold, metallic / inner linings : pink
  • brushed silver: light silver, metallic / inner linings : orange
  • metallicblack : dark grey, anthrazite metallic / inner linings : green

This series is available in following styles :

  1. N-996HL swimsuit in waterpolo-cut with front zipper
  2. N-997HL swimsuit in waterpolo-cut with back zipper
  3. N-998HL swimsuit with sportsback (X-back)
  4. N-999HL swimsuit with reflector pipes and back zipper

POOLSIDER also used this fabric for the metallic twopiece series. Following styles are available.

  1. PS-01HL “High Waist” suspender briefs with sports bra
  2. PS-02HL retro surf bikini with front-zip top
  3. PS-03HL “SEA ANGEL” bikini

Read more about these shiny items at our post: “POOLSIDER “hairline metallic” bikinis”

Realise N99X rubberized metallic hairline swimsuits

Model Tenebris (Instagram @t.nebris) wears style N-997HL in metallic black

“Hairline metallic” material feedback

The 4 swimsuits styles of this series are available for quite some time now, and besides the customer feedback I could also win some own experiences with several photo shoots.

Optically these suits are far ahead of every competition – and various competitors from the Far East will find this material a hard nut to crack for their plagiarism.

But where is a lot of light, there always is some shadow.
Unfortunately, the stretchability of the “Hairline Metallic” series is not that good compared to the previous rubberized series.
Well, this probably has its reasons in the nature of the special material surface and will certainly have its value in a better longevity – but dressing on this suits is not quite simple – especially if you have a little more curves.

But luckily you can solve that issue a bit with a trick. In my experience, the dressing on gets a lot easier when wearing a fine pantyhose underneath. Skin is naturally always a bit moist and creates a bit of a pushback effect. The nylon perfectly lamintes the skin and let slide the suit nicely over the curves of your buttocks.

It should be mentioned that the bodies with back zippers are usually easier to dress on, because the zipper is a little bit longer.

Don´t buy these suits too small! Refer to our size chart and rather use the circumference of the strongest part of your buttocks as a guideline instead of your hip circumference. Vanity is inappropriate in this case, otherwise you will not be glad without help of a change cutter (who possibly has to sew a very long zipper into the suit)!

Our photo shootings

Since the beginning of 2020, various photo models were allowed to try on the metallic bathing suits and posed in front of my camera. We have created a small gallery of our photo model Melli (Tenebris) and added a few wearing feedbacks.

Model Tenebris (Instagram @t.nebris) :
Bust (B) 88cm, waist (W) 66cm, buttocks (H) 96cm, body height 165cm, garment size: DE 36 / UK 8 / US S
She wears style N-997HL in size 2L.

The suit was a little tight when dressing on, but fit perfectly.
She wears the suit in gold above a pantyhose – the dressing on was significantly easier of course.

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