Poolsider Reflector Retro-Surf-Bikini
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POOLSIDER reflector surf-bikini

POOLSIDER (also Realise) hat wieder einmal etwas absolut Aussergewöhnliches kreiiert:
Den ersten Bikini-Zweiteiler komplett aus reflektierendem RUBBERIZED Badeanzug-Material!


Die größte Schwierigkeit bestand darin, dass die bis dato erhältlichen reflektierenden Materialien nicht dafür vorgesehen waren, damit einen kompletten Badeanzug, bzw. Bikini zu fertigen. Für körper-betonende Kleidung benötigt man Stoffe mit einem gewissen Stretch-Anteil, welchen die erhältlichen Reflektor-Materialien nicht aufwiesen.

Zuerst war es nur eine Idee, die nicht umsetzbar erschien, aber das Team von REALISE blieb hartnäckig und hat den nötigen Stoff dafür einfach erfunden 🙂

My first impression about this rubberized reflector fabric

This material is something really special! It has a slight rubberized touch and a slightly glossy surface.

The material is light gray in non-reflective condition. However, the fine glass beads (which are crafted into the surface) cause a subtle, metallic shine, which reminds a little of glitter dust (such as e.g. used for Christmas decoration).

In the reflective condition the suit becomes radiant white, which is hard to catch on photos – but we have tried 🙂

Just look at our photos in the gallery below.

It was not easy to combine the usual elasticity with the desired reflector effect, but for this type of bikini, the stretch level of the material is sufficient.

However, you should not expect a stretch level like Lycra. This fabric has an elasticity comparable to the first “Shiny Rubber” series – it is at approx 2 out of 5 stars.

Stretch Level 2

Biru wears Poolsider rubberized reflector Retro-Surf-Bikini PS-02-1SH

That´s what the manufacturer says about the new effect-bikini:

“This bikini is based on the cut of the new Poolsider retro surf bikini (PS-02HL), and is a fusion of the flair of the 80s with the absolute new development: the reflective rubberized material.

About the fabric: We are proud to have developed a material that you can not find at any other product yet.
We dedicated our special attention to the balance of elasticity, the reflector effect and the optics.

About the design: The look of this bikini is so present and energetic that we have kept the design simple.

Please use this extraordinary swimsuit not only as costume, but also where it feels at home: in the pool and at the beach! “

“Reflector material was first and foremost used in clothing for one, well-known reason: that pedestrians can be seen better by cars at night. This material is also used for uniforms and shoes of the fire brigade and rescue service personnel. In recent years, however, the fashion world has increasingly adopted these reflective panels as fashionable applications in their collections.

The reflective effect results from fine glass beads that are worked into the surface of the fabric. However, it is extremely rare that such a surface (like our product) is processed into elastic fabrics. A production of such a bikini, made entirely of reflective material, was unthinkable at the beginning of the concept phase. In the end, it took about 5 years until this reflective bikini could become reality – and this only through the hard work of many capable engineers, specialists and visionaries. ”

Model : Vanessa (Instagram @vaneschkal)

Vanessa has ideal measures for wearing this twopiece in size L.

body height: 167cm | bust: 87,5cm, bra 70C | waist: 60cm | hips: 85cm

Biru Otsakas (Realise Brand Idol) also wears size L.
body height: 167cm | bust: 86cm | waist: 60cm | hips: 89cm

The reflecting Poolsider retro-surf bikini PS-02-1SH is available at our webshop as an pre-order-item. It will be ordered for you on demand. It takes up to 30 business days in general to arrive at our company.

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