Realise longsleeved swimsuit N-015 P7
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Realise SSW longsleeved swimsuit N-015

What a great sensation: the SSW (Super Shiny Wet) material is back in the product range of Realise! Unfortunately only in a limited number of pieces and also only for two color options of the popular long sleeved N-015 – but at least we will get this one!

Currently, because ASICS has cancelled the two bestselling swimsuits ALS85 and ALS86T, ultra-thin swimwear (which is still opaque enough for puplic) is actually total shortage.

Realise N015 SSW swimsuit P7
Realise N015 P7 with old logo (2015)

Anyway, I was very happy when I heard from Japan a few months ago, that they have found some remnants of the SSW material by chance, and are already in planning phase of a small revival.

Also it is very suitable, that the two rediscovered colors are purple and a strong blue – because there is nothing comparable in the current product range atm.

For the one who is not familiar with the past assortment of Realise styles and series, here are a few words about the SSW fabric:

The material has a very smooth texture, in the inside as on the outside, which feels comfortable soft and cool on the skin. The silk mat shine is very strong in the darker colors, but less within the lighter colors. On the other hand the lighter colors get semi transparent when wet, so that e.g. Tattoos become visible.

The stretch factor is approximately at 3 out of 5 stars – so a little bit below the level of the current 2Way Easy Stretch material – which is not more tragic, if you do not want to use several sizes within one suit.

The size rule is : and when your measurements are a bit above at one or two details of the most matching size, then always take one size up if you wanna have comfort. If you love to wear your suit really tight, then take this size – but never one size down.

For my taste, this series is an absolutely successful ESEMBLE of great optics and how it feels on your skin: an absolute must-have for those who have a weakness for extravagant swimwear!

On the 2nd of July, finally the highly desired package from Japan with the SSW suits arrived at my company. Luckily I already had a photo shoot for Saturday arranged, so we could see the new (old) swimsuit live on the female body and save it on several photos.

Our model Helena was also very enthusiastic about the outfit, and briefly shared my opinion about this suit and the material. After all, she was allowed to try several outfits from our assortment, and aside the new catsuit the N-015 was her favorite.

I have already asked about the product plannings from REALISE for the coming year – and I told them about my wishes and thoughts about a big revival of the SSW material with new series. That would be a wonderful update for the product range of Realise!

I have not received a definite commitment to my ideas so far yet, but we can hope in any case!

Helena wears Realise swimsuit N-015 P7
Helena wears Realise swimsuit N-015 P7

The international interest in swimwear of thin, silky matt glossy wetlook textile is ultimately unbroken, and its fan base accordingly great.

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about the photos :

Realise longsleeved swimsuit N-015 P10
P-10 (blue-white)
Realise longsleeved swimsuit N-015 P7
P-7 (purple-white)

Both color options are available at our webshop – some sizes are already low in stock or even sold out. Date of latest post 25.07.2021

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